Sustainable High Quality Coffee

We produce easy-to-use coffee roasters that can always keep the quality of the coffee at the best level.

Low Operating Cost, Optimum Quality

Kuban products are produced in consideration of your coffee roasting needs and specifications. We always aim to offer coffee roasting machines that produce excellent, sustainable coffee and that you can use for a lifetime.


The Perfect Combination of Design and Technology

Regardless of the size of your coffee shop and the amount of coffee you need to roast, Kuban Makine will ensure you have a coffee roaster that will fit your needs perfectly. We are proud to produce the best roasting machines in Turkey. 


Inspirational Solutions

Roasting Software; recording, analysis, editing, recording and creating roasting profiles and roasting time, temperature, fan level, flame height, etc. Allows you to view the parameters.



Fast, Time-saving Coffee Grinding

The best coffee grinders for Turkish coffee with a value of 50 – 100 microns. Large chamber, 4 kg capacity plexi storage and display chamber. User friendly, compact design, easy installation and maintenance. All our products have CE Certificate.


Grind Coffee in Any Form

It can be adapted according to your needs with its Thinness / Thickness Adjustment and Package Clip, Ideal for Turkish Coffee, Filter Coffee and Espresso. Kuban Coffee Mills Are Very Fast. With its powerful design, it allows you to save time.


Secret of Coffee Foam

Extra fine grinding of the coffee beans ensures that the coffee is abundantly foamy. It produces coffee in the desired fineness with its special grinding setting and adjustment knob and is suitable for use on the counter in coffee shops.


Stylish, Special Dispenser Designs

Kuban coffee silos not only display a variety of coffees, but also make your shop stylish. Coffee silos can be sized according to your requests and needs, color changes and special designs can be applied on a project basis.

kuban box coffee dispensers
cylindrical dispensers Kuban® coffee roasters
crescent dispensers Kuban® coffee roasters

With 25 years of experience in the coffee industry, we are constantly improving our products and services based on customer satisfaction.

– Kuban Team

Custom Processing

Our machines can be customized according to your demands.

Coffee roasters can be sized according to your various requests and needs, color changes and special designs can be applied on a project basis.

We make a difference with our high performance products specially combined by our expert engineers. Our roasters can be customized according to customer demands.

Customize Now
passion for coffee

To master coffee roasting

The Kuban Team is trying to bring a high standard to sectoral quality in the fields of coffee and coffee equipment. We pioneer this desire by using high quality raw materials in all the products we produce.

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