Kuban Supreme 1.8 kg Coffee Roaster

Coffee aficionados and café owners, prepare to elevate your roasting game with the state-of-the-art Kuban Supreme 1.8 kg Coffee Roaster Machine. Engineered for perfection, this compact powerhouse is the epitome of innovation, designed to transform your coffee beans into the ultimate aromatic delight.

Unmatched Roasting Precision

The Kuban Supreme doesn’t just roast coffee; it crafts an experience. With the capacity to roast 1.8 kg of coffee beans per batch, this machine is a marvel of efficiency, boasting a substantial hourly capacity of 7 kg. Whether you’re running a bustling coffee shop or simply indulging in your coffee passion, the Kuban Supreme ensures every roast is consistently exceptional.

Kuban Supreme 1,8 kg Coffee Roaster Machine
Kuban Supreme 1,8 kg Coffee Roaster Machine

Advanced Thermal Insulation

Quality roasting demands precise temperature control, and the Kuban Supreme delivers with its superior thermal insulation. This feature not only enhances the roasting process but also ensures energy efficiency, making it a favorite among environmentally conscious roasters.

Cutting-Edge Roasting Software

At the heart of the Kuban Supreme is its intuitive roasting software, a testament to Kuban Makina’s commitment to technological excellence. This advanced system allows you to monitor and control every aspect of the roasting process, from temperature to fan speed, ensuring your coffee profile is meticulously managed from start to finish.

Robust and Reliable Build

The Kuban Supreme is built to last, with a robust structure that can withstand the demands of continuous roasting. Here’s a glimpse of its technical prowess:

  • Control Options: Manual or Software & PLC for unparalleled precision.
  • Voltage: Adaptable with 220 V – 380 V options.
  • Frequency: Compatible with 50 – 60Hz.
  • Heat Source: Versatile with LPG, Natural Gas, LNG, or Diesel.
  • Heating System: Choose between Atmospheric or Premix (New).
  • Number of Engines: Four engines power its operations.
  • Power Consumption: An efficient 0.98 KW/h.
  • Roasting Time: A quick 8 – 20 min for the perfect roast.
  • Cooling Time: Rapid 3 min cooldown period.
  • Safety Devices: Ensuring your operation is always secure.

A Legacy of Coffee Mastery

Kuban Makina, the creator of the Kuban Supreme, is not just a manufacturer; it’s a legacy. Founded in 1996 in İzmir, Turkey, the company has transformed its passion for coffee into a global pursuit of excellence. With nearly 25 years of experience, Kuban Makina’s machines are a reflection of their mastery, innovation, and dedication to customer satisfaction.

The KUBAN Promise

As a coffee processing master, Kuban stands by its promise of quality, performance, and customization. The Kuban Supreme is not just a machine; it’s a partner in your journey to the perfect roast, embodying the spirit of innovation that Kuban Makina is renowned for.

Join the ranks of elite roasters around the world and choose the Kuban Supreme 1.8 kg Coffee Roaster Machine for an unmatched roasting experience.

Your Roasting Journey Awaits with Kuban Supreme

The Kuban Supreme 1.8 kg Coffee Roaster Machine is more than just a roaster—it’s the key to unlocking the full potential of your coffee beans. With its precision, efficiency, and cutting-edge technology, it stands as a testament to Kuban’s dedication to the craft of coffee. Whether you’re a seasoned roaster or a discerning enthusiast, the Kuban Supreme is designed to elevate your roasting experience to supreme levels. Discover the ultimate expression of coffee roasting excellence with Kuban Supreme and let every roast be a masterpiece.

Explore our offerings and join the Kuban community at Kuban Makina Turkey for our local connoisseurs, and Kuban Coffee Roasters for our global audience. The pinnacle of coffee perfection awaits.

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