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Kuban Supreme Series shop coffee roasters to create unique flavors

The secret to making a delicious coffee is 60% coffee bean quality, 30% roasting and 10% brewing / brewing, and generally the final effect of the roasting process is 90%. The “Supreme” series that can offer all controls and variations to the roasters who will create special profiles and meet the needs for quality coffee.


Roasting Master

To roast coffee in traditional style; an ordinary machine may be preferred. Traditional roasted coffees; It usually has a tasteless, aromatic, woody and bitter taste. In order to roast qualified coffee, the roaster must also be qualified.

The roasting master, who will create the special profiles, should choose a machine that will present all the controls and variations to apply the required dynamics. Kuban started to produce the “Supreme” series that will meet the needs for quality coffee.

The Supreme series rivals world-class machines with its use of world-class raw materials, electrical and electronic equipment, as well as its features. The Kuban Supreme can be gradually changed with the proportional flame level feature.

metin1 Kuban® coffee roasters

Increased Insulation

Thanks to the increased temperature insulation; In addition to the efficient use of internal energy, it provides energy savings. Airflow level can also be easily changed on the control panel. Thanks to the cooling drum that can rotate 270 degrees, it allows you to position the stone separator and other equipment comfortably.

metin2 Kuban® coffee roasters

Roasting Software

Thanks to Kuban profile software, users; It can observe and check all variables, change it when necessary, and recall the saved profile at any time. And also; It works fully compatible with computer-based world-famous profile software systems and the machine can also be controlled over a computer. A brand new and completely different roasting experience awaits you with Kuban Supreme.

Supreme Serie

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